Preventive Care

Perfect oral health begins and ends with regular professional care.  We provide exceptional dental hygiene services. Dental hygiene is important for the whole body, not just your smile.

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry

We offer state-of-the-art care. we offer a full range of cosmetic treatments including Invisalign® braces, Propel Orthodontics with Invisalign, dental implants, crowns, porcelain veneers as well as Zoom Whitening to brighten your smile.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)

Dr. Richter has learned extensively from the leaders in this field and has lectured to law and chiropractic symposin on this subject.  He is considered an expert in this area.  If you feel you have TMD call today for an exam appointment.

Whiplash Ask yourself after a motor vehicle accident or any other whiplash injury:

  • Have you noticed an increase in grinding or clenching your teeth?
  • Have you notice noise in your jaw joint such as clicking or popping?
  • Has your bite changed?
  • Is it hard to put your back teeth together?
  • Does your jaw lurch to one side when you open or close?
  • Is there fatigue and soreness in the jaw muscles when chewing crunchy or fibrous foods?
  • Is it difficult to open as wide as before when taking a bite of an apple?
  • These symptoms can occur even 24 months after the trauma!
  • Learn how Dr. Richter can help you.